EMV Chip Card Technology

Today when i was busy with my work suddenly received a message on my phone asking me to contact with my bank branch immediately to migrate my debit card into EMV Chip-Based card.


I am using my debit card from a long time ago but never changed or replaced it yet. But as it is mentioned on the SMS that as per the RBI guidelines i need to changed my debit card into EMV Chip-Based Card within 60 days or the card will get inactive.

After knowing all about the EMV standard and it’s importance i finally switched my card into chip-based card.

And now i will tell you why you should also switch to EMV chip-based card and what are the differences and benefits of EMV.

Before going to discuss about EMV chip-based card let’s check whether your card is chip enabled or not.

difference between emv chip card and non-chip card

In the above image you can see the card in the left side is a normal swipe-card and the card at the right side is an EMV chip-based card where a small integrated chip is installed in it.

If your card is not chip-based then you should know why you need to switch your card into EMV chip-based card.

What is EMV Chip Card

EMV is a standard created by Europay, MasterCard, and Visa. The standard is currently managed by EMVCo, an association of financial companies.

EMV cards are also known as smart cards or chip and PIN cards, in which a small integrated circuit called as chip is installed into the card in addition with magnetic stripe, which is already available to our traditional cards.

emv chip card has magnetic stripe

EMV chip based cards use unique cryptograms for each transaction which makes it difficult to get counterfeited (card cloning or skimming) and the PIN helps to uniquely identify an owner to fight against lost and stolen card fraud.

EMV chip cards are worldwide acceptable. You can use your chip-based card for online shopping, buying groceries, ATM’s, Gas Station and anywhere.

EMV cards can be used in two ways; either it can be inserted into a card reader machine or it can be contactless. Contactless cards can be read within a short distance of a terminal using Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology.

contactless cards

The main advantage of using contactless card is to avoid any unauthorized card swapping.

How to use EMV chip cards

1. Insert Card

At first insert you chip-based card into a chip-enabled card reader machine on the terminal, headed the chip first, face up.

2. Leave the card in the terminal

Leave your card into card reader terminal until your transaction completed.

3. Enter PIN or Sign Receipt

Now follow the screen instruction by entering a PIN or signing a receipt.

4. Remove Your Card

When the transaction is completed remove and take your card with you.

how to use emv chip card
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