How to activate Two-step verification on WhatsApp to improve Account Security

Do you want to activate Two-step verification on WhatsApp? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this post, you will learn everything related to two-step verification process and how to activate it on WhatsApp.

What is Two Step Verification

whatsapp two step verification

Two-step verification is a account security feature. By activating 2-step verification you can secure your account with both your password and phone. And the most interesting part of 2-step verification is, it keeps the bad guy out of your account access even they get access to your password.

Why you should activate Two-step verification on WhatsApp

If you activate two-step verification on your WhatsApp acoount then it will be an added layer of security for your WhatsApp account. When you activate two-step verification, it will ask you to enter a PIN number every time you register a new phone number with you WhatsApp account.

Steps to activate two-step verification on WhatsApp

  • At first open your WhatsApp application and click on the Menu Tab, the three dots icon top of the right side of your WhatsApp app.
  • From the drop down menu click on the settings option.
  • Now go under the Account option. And Under Account option click on “Two-step verification” and press enable.
  • You will be asked to enter a 6-digit pin. Just Enter and confirm your PIN & click next.
  • And after confirming your PIN, you will be asked to enter an Email address which will be used to reset your PIN in case you forgot it and also to safeguard your account.
  • Now after finally entering and confirming your email your Two-Step verification will get activated.

You can also disable Two-step verification if you already activated it on your WhatsApp account.

To disable Two-step verification you just need to click on the “Disable” button under the two-step verification option on your WhatsApp account.

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