What is Cyberbullying | Where and How Cyberbullying Occurs

In this post i am going to tell you about Cyberbullying, a online bullying or cyberharassment that is increasing day by day on the internet. Also i will discuss about How and where cyberbullying or cyberharassment happening and how to stop or get rid of cyberbullers.

Many times we saw that on the internet a group of people or individuals are threatening or harassing a person to break down his/her self-esteem. As an effect, the victim might get frustrated, disappointed or even sometimes committed suicides. These types of harassment on the internet is called as cyberbullying or cyberharassment. And there are more than thousands of people are facing various threats or harassment every day on the internet.


Cyberbullying is mostly happening on social media sites, through text messages or via emails.

Cyberbullying involves posting rumors, threats or hate speeches, posting private pictures and personal information about a person through Simple text messages (SMS), online social media platforms (like; F.acebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter), chat rooms, forums, game community or where people mostly get connected to share or view content.

Cyberbullying happens in almost all kind of digital devices like; smartphones, desktop, laptops or tablets.

Cyberbullying or internet bullying is an aggressive and intentional activity where the attacker or the bad person/persons is/are called the perpetrator. A perpetrator(attacker) can target a victim to post rumours about the victim, posting vulgar comments or posting sexually oriented things about the victim, which may or may not be true.

Sometimes the perpetrator might be a hacker who can hack victim’s account to act as the victim and posting wrong information about the victim.

The most common places where Cyberbullying occurs :

1. Social media like; Ask.fm, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter.

2. SMS(short message service) sent through devices.

3. Instant message applications like; WhatsApp.

4. Email platforms.

The effect of cyberbullying can be from bad to worst. A victim might get frustrated, emotionally weak, angry, depressed or even commit a suicide.

Researchers say that attackers target those people, who cannot easily defend himself or herself in public or social media.

In most of the cases, cyberbullies are anonymous. They might create fake accounts and comments as their target on social media.


The best way to avoid/stop cyberbullying is, never get involved with those cyberbullies. And if there is an issue about leaking your private information, it is best to inform trusted cybercrime departments as soon as possible about the activity.