How to avoid Fake News on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a great way of communication medium to talk with people anywhere in the world. There you can chat with friends, send files, images, videos and more. Millions of news and messages are sent all over the world everyday with the help of WhatsApp Messaging Application. And when you like or show interest in a message or post you just share it with your friends and colleagues without trying to know about the source of the post. Most of us doing like this.

But now you should aware about that in recent day WhatsApp is being used by some bad persons (spammers) to spread rumours and fake news to create confusion among people. And the worst thing here is that people are sharing those fake news and stories without judging its source.

Here are some keynotes you should remind to avoid spreading fake news through WhatsApp.

stop fake news on whatsapp

1. Try to Identify False and Fake News

If you have received any news or story that has no source and proof or it is hurting your sentiment then it is very likely fake news. Now a day it can be possible to edit photo, video and voice to create confusion with persons or things.

2. Identify the Source of the News

To know details or actual truth about a news or story try to search online and know from trusted news channels websites. And if you are still not satisfied with the result then you can ask directly to a trusted individual or a community leader.

3. Stop Spreading Rumours

If you know about a fake post then try to inform people about the fake news post and tell them to examine the source of the story before sharing it. Don’t just only share so that someone tells you to share it.

Remember :

  • Fake News has no Authentic Source
  • Fake News has no Real Author
  • Fake News has no Official Identity
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