Best Blogging Platforms for Bloggers

Searching for a blogging platform to start a blog?

This post is all about top blogging platforms (both free and paid included). Got many query over social media about which blogging platform is best and which one they should go with. So I have decided to post the top list of sites on WideBinary.

If you are new to blogging then first get to know how blogging works. Google it and you will find tons of resources on it. You can also check my guides on blogging for beginners:

Note: To make it easier for you to take action, I’m suggesting only those popular platforms and microblogging sites which are easy to use and manage from one dashboard.

List of Best Blogging Platforms


WordPress best website builder is one of the most popular open-source blog publishing platforms. It provides you full freedom to build, grow, and manage your blog. Currently more than 40% of the web is built using WordPress from personal blogs to big news sites. With WordPress you have limitless possibilities like; customize your site with themes, built SEO friendly and mobile responsive pages, create an online eCommerce store, manage website security, and extend site functionality with plugins. You can also get starter to advanced help from the WordPress community. The WordPress software is completely free but to host your website online you need to buy a domain name and hosting. All I can say that it is the best blogging platform to make money.


When people talk about best free blogging sites is always comes first in my mind. You can easily start a free blog on, sell stuff, and do more. To create a blog or any kind of site you don’t need to learn code or manuals or have any limit. Also, you can design your blog with pro looking themes, forms, image galleries, maps and other building blocks text, testimonials, and reviews. All these you can do on your blog without hiring a designer.  You can choose free to start plan to get a free subdomain address like There are options to attach a custom domain with other advanced plans. Moreover, you can grow without limits by turning your blog into a store and find your fans with built-in marketing tools.

3. Blogger

Blogger is the one of the most popular and highest used free blogging platforms. It is provided by the tech giant Google. It is completely free to start with blogger and get a free subdomain address like You can also buy and add a custom domain to it. Blogger lets you upload post, media, and other things safely with Google. There are easy-to-use templates to use on your blog with flexible layouts and background images to give a unique look. Also you have the opportunity to monetize your blog with Google AdSense advertising. In addition, Blogger provides you a built-in analytics to know about where your audiences are coming from and what they’re interested in.

4. Wix


Wix is free blog maker that allows you create a blog on your desktop or on the go. It is easy to make your Wix blog. Just pick a blog name, choose a template, and start writing your posts. Later you can connect your domain name and get a free hosting from Wix. It comes with Integrated SEO tools and customization of your blog on mobile so that it looks good in any devices. You can also promote your blog by sharing your posts on social media, engage readers through email, and understand your audience with analytics. That’s not the end even you can make money from your blog by displaying advertisement, offer subscription based exclusive content, and sell online with an eCommerce store.

5. Weebly

Weebly best website builder

Starting a blog with Weebly is super easy. It provides flexible drag-and-drop elements to build your blog in minutes. The Weebly services will take care of the background coding. You will get free blog templates for static site, large business, and online store. Also the free blog hosting ensures that your site loads quickly and available to your audience. The most interesting part is it comes with inbuilt SEO tools to create custom URLs, title tags, description tags, custom header and footer to optimize your Weebly blog and get more traffic from search engines.


I’ve been using WordPress for 5 years and it’s easy to use. If you are new to blogging and want to make money from your blog or have plan to setup an eCommerce store later then I would suggest you to go with as the software is free forever and you just need to buy a domain name and hosting. And when it comes to WordPress hosting Bluehost is my first recommendation for you where you will get a free domain for 1 year with the hosting.

If you want to do blogging for completely free and money is not the primary goal then Blogger or is good to go with. But if you need more customization then Wix and Weebly are the good choices. Hope you find this information helpful. If you have liked it then share it on social media with your friends and comments below.

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