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List of 5 Best Free Website Builders

Are you interested to create a website for your business? If yes then you should feel lucky that you reached here. We are going to cover best free website builder for small business including; local business owners, photographers, artists, ecommerce store, and others in this post.

Before getting started with the list let us help you to know about website builder and its advantages.

best website builders

Normally a website consists of lots of codes, scripts, files, images, and other things. With a website builder it will become possible for you to build a website without learning how to code. Everything will happen in the background and you just need to click and drag and drop elements to build your site. It is that simple even your kids can do.

Now let’s quickly see the advantages of using a website builder.

Website Builder Advantages

  • User friendly interface
  • Create sites in less time
  • No need to learn coding
  • Simple clicks and drag and drop elements
  • Insert media in with upload button
  • Achieve the style you want
  • Make easy changes to pages
  • Don’t need to hire a developer

Best Website Builders

These will provide you the best way to create a website for your personal or business need.


WordPress best website builder

WordPress is the most popular website builder in the whole world. More than 30% of the sites on the web are built using WordPress. It gives you complete flexibility and freedom to launch and grow your business online.

With WordPress you will get great looking themes to give a pro look to your site, plugins to expand functionality, and tools to market your business. You can use WooCommerce, the best online store builder plugin for WordPress sites to build an eCommerce store and start accepting payments from your customers.

2.Google Sites

Google Sites

With Google sites you can create a website for your business, project, personal purpose or any other need without hiring a web developer. You can build your site with just drag and drop elements into your pages.

When you create a website on Google sites it automatically added to the Google drive. You can set your sites visibility as public or can restrict site access only to people you want.

Website created on Google sites are mobile friendly and can be properly displayed on mobile or tablet.



Wix is the most popular free website builder to design and build your high-quality site without learning how to code. Whether you are launching your business online, opening a shop, or showcasing your work Wix is the perfect suit for you.

Wix provides you custom templates to choose from and customize facility to give a pro look to your site. You will also get advanced features like creating a blog, accept bookings and more.

The most interesting part of using Wix website builder is you have the options to optimize your site for mobile view, search engines and more.

4. Weebly

Weebly best website builder

Get started with Weebly to build and grow your site with it. Weebly is one of the powerful and free website builders that can help you from the start to growth of your website. It includes expert written starter guides, powerful builder, easy customizations, eCommerce and marketing tools for all your success.

Weebly is supported with Square product suite which takes the extra burden from your head to build an online store and accept payments from your customers so that you can focus on your business.

5. Squarespace


Squarespace is the all-in-one solution for anyone who is looking to start a website, set up a store, and reach audience. It gives you complete freedom to build a website like blog, personal & CV, wedding site, creative services or even eCommerce.

You can start with their award-winning templates to customize it with fonts, colors, stock photos and other tools to give a professional look to our site. With this you will get third party extensions to optimize and expand your site.

They also help you to market your business with effective email marketing campaigns and pro looking social content to connect with more customers online.


These are the top free website builders that I have picked for you from my previous experiences. It provides you the best way to build a website from scratch for small business, personal portfolio, or online eCommerce store. Most of them have the facility to use drag-and-drop elements to create a site in less than an hour. Now go with any of them that fulfil your need. You can also share your experience about these website builders in comments below.

Disclaimer: When you make a purchase using our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.