Double Locker Android Ransomware: How to Stay Safe

A ransomware called Double Locker is making damages to android smartphones. DoubleLocker Ransomware is a malicious ransomware that can changes your smartphone’s pin and encrypt your data. Also, it may ask you for money in bit coin to recover the encrypted data. And there is no guarantee to get your data recovered even after paying the money to the hacker.

Doublelocker android ransomware

DoubleLocker android ransomware is spreading through popup advertisement, where user prompts to do a fake update to adobe flash player. If a user clicks on it, the app get installed on your device and disabled the back button feature. And force the user to activate certain features on the device by displaying continuous pop up screen. Also every time the user presses the home button it get lock the screen.

The encryption process is done using AES algorithm techniques. And the extension of the files after encryption is “.cryeye”. There is no way to recover the files without knowing the encryption key. Also the cyber criminals demand the money within 24 hours, or else it will get locked permanently.

How to stay safe from DoubleLocker Android Ransomware:

  • Never click on suspicious links. Malicious links mostly appear by popup advertisement.
  • Never give administrative rights to any application even it is downloaded from official stores.
  • Do not download apps from SMS or EMAIL links.
  • Backup your data using a authenticate online or offline service.
  • Keep your OS and Applications up to date.
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