4 Best WordPress CDN Services

Using the best WordPress CDN is a smart move to improve your website performance.

best wordpress cdn

A content delivery network (CDN) helps cache your WordPress website’s static content (StyleSheets, JavaScripts, Images, Videos, etc.) and serve them from servers nearest to the user’s geographic location.

In this post, we have listed the best WordPress CDN services to get a faster WordPress website. But, before getting into the list, you should know why you need to implement a CDN on your WordPress website.

Our Top Picks

Fastest CDN for WordPress – Bunny.net

Bunny.net is one of the fastest CDN providers for WordPress with a Tier 1 Global network, advanced caching, Free SSL and DDoS security.

Best free CDN for WordPress – Cloudflare

Cloudflare is the most popular and widely used CDN with a hassle-free setup and a basic Free plan to start anytime.

Why do you need a CDN?

Generally, your WordPress website is hosted on a single server and a single location. When your users request pages from your site, all the content, including stylesheets, scripts, and images, are loaded from that one server, which may create an extra burden on the server for high-traffic sites.

When you implement a CDN on your WordPress website, all the static content, including StyleSheets, JavaScript, and Images, is served from the CDN server and will reduce the load on your hosting server. This way, your website content will reach your audience much faster, and there will be a significant improvement in page load speed. In return, you will get happy users, better search engine ranking and more conversions.

List of the Best WordPress CDN

Here in the list, we have mentioned the fastest CDN for WordPress and also the best free CDN for WordPress website speed optimization.

1. Bunny.net

Bunny.net helps your website content to speed up delivery with next-generation CDN, which is lightning-fast in performance.

It enables you to supercharge your content on a global scale within a few clicks. It provides a consistent experience to your users, no matter where they are from.

The bunny.net global distribution network provides your website content speed, security and stability at the same time.


  • Advanced Caching
  • 80 Tbps+ network capacity
  • Tier 1 Global network
  • Free SSL
  • Instant purging
  • Real-Time Log Forwarding
  • Edge Rules
  • Security & DDoS mitigation
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Bunny provides you with website CDN, Image CDN, Video CDN, Gaming CDN, WordPress CDN and more. They have a tier 1 global network, which helps to connect with users with more than 3000 ISPs and 14 Tier 1 transit providers.

You will also get an easy Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate to your CDN for free.

2. Cloudflare

Cloudflare is one of the most popular CDN services for WordPress and any website. They have one of the largest global networks to serve your content to users at a super fast speed. It also takes care of your website security by mitigating DDoS attacks and blocking suspicious threats.

You can start with Cloudflare for free. The paid plans provide you with more features and optimization opportunities for your WordPress website.

Cloudflare integration is easy and super fast. Current popular hosting providers are already integrated with Cloudflare for hassle-free setup.


  • DNS
  • SSL
  • Cache
  • Speed Optimization
  • Application Security (DDoS, WAF, load balancing & more)
  • Network Security
  • Mobile Optimization

3. KeyCDN

KeyCDN is a powerful content delivery network that helps your website to deliver content at a blazing-fast speed.

It has advanced optimized hardware with TCP stack, SSD storage and more. Their global network utilises IP anycast and latency-based routing for optimum performance. It also includes powerful features like HTTP/2, Brotli, and TLS 1.3.


  • Real-time optimization
  • TCP stack
  • SSD coverage
  • HTTP/2, Brotli, TLS 1.3
  • IP anycast
  • Latency based routing
  • Account control with RESTful API

4. Amazon Cloudfront

Amazon CloudFront is one of the oldest and most popular CDN service providers across the globe. It has a large global network, which helps to accelerate the content delivery of your website.

Amazon Cloudfront has 600+ globally dispersed Points of Presence (PoPs), which support automated mapping and intelligent routing. The AWS Shield also helps your website to defend against DDoS attacks. You can balance cost, performance and security using serverless computing.


We hope this tutorial on the best WordPress CDN will help you to choose the right CDN provider for your WordPress website. After doing some extensive research, we have picked Bunney.net as the best WordPress CDN provider in the market. But, if you are not ready to invest in a CDN right now, then you can choose Cloudflare’s Basic plan, which provides speed and security to your website content. 

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