5 best question and answer websites that answer your questions


Want to know about websites that answer your questions? Here in this quick and short guide I have mentioned list of 5 best questions and answer websites and how to use them.

Before getting started here I have mentioned some of the most popular questions answers and discussion website on the internet. You can read questions and answers that already present on these websites publicly without a registration. But if you want to ask, interact or use other features you may need an account with the website.

1. Quora

Quora is a global discussion website where questions are asked and answered on various topics by online users. To ask or answer a question on quora you need to get registered on quora with your email or through your social accounts. There are features like; upvote, downvote, follow, thank, and request for questions and answers asked on quora.
Web Address: Quora.com

2. Reddit

Reddit is an American social platform where you can sign up and ask your questions on different sub forums (called sub reddits) via text posts which will rather answered, upvoted and downvoted by the users.
Web Address: Reddit.com

3. Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is one of the oldest community driven question answer website run by Yahoo! where you can ask questions or can answers to other users questions. You need to login with a Yahoo Account to ask a question on Yahoo Answers.
Web Address: Answers.Yahoo.com

4. Stackoverflow

If you have a question related to tech or programming stackoverflow is the solution for you. On stackoverflow your questions will get answers from professionals and enthusiast programmers. Stackoverflow is owned by Stack Exchange Network , headquartered in New York, US.
Web Address: Stackoverflow.com

5. Answers

Answers is a place where you can ask any questions related to lifestyle or any other topic. Answers is an Internet based knowledge exchange sites where the registered users can interact with each other through questions and answers.
Web Address: Answers.com

If you think i have missed anything or need more suggestions you can mention them in the comment below.

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